The term surveillance is used when Private Inquiry Agents/Investigators are engaged by various organisations and private individuals to record in many different ways the activities of their customer’s intended subject/individual. At AAC Process Servers & Investigations this is not done by conspicuous people driving flashy motor vehicles and wearing dark trench coats as you would see in the movies. At AAC Process Servers & Investigations, our agents are highly trained and experienced in all facets of investigative techniques and provides these specialised investigative services to our customers. By using only very well trained and experienced investigators, we are able to perform all the vital services for the customer with the greatest of discretion, honesty, temerity and anonymity.


Your spouse/partner acting suspicious??? Wish to know what your partner is up to or where they are going and who they are seeing when away from home??? AAC PROCESS SERVERS & INVESTIGATIONS CAN HELP. AAC are able to assist you with your concerns, and in most cases, can confirm your suspicions or dispel your fears. Just contact AAC Process Servers & Investigations to discuss your requirements and we’ll be able to plan a strategy to fit your unique circumstances. AAC Process Servers & Investigations can assist by way of a simple surveillance to the more complex and covert operations that involves secret liaisons. No task is to big or complex for AAC Process Servers & Investigations to assist in obtaining you the truth and give you answers to those things that are causing you concern.


AAC Process Servers & Investigations can provide creditability scores for both companies and individuals that you intend to enter into a commercial arrangement with. These Credit Scores are a useful guide as to what the commercial and financial sectors may think of the risk evaluation of an entity like a company, a director or business proprietor. This information is gathered from public information data bases and is only as good as the information provided from those sources.


If you Require information on individuals and companies we can help. AAC Process Servers & Investigations has 24/7 access to a numerous number of data-bases to provide you with information on:

  • Company Searches (ASIC)
  • Business Name Searches (Ministry Fair Trading)
  • Land Title Searches (DOLA)
  • Writ & Summons Searches
  • Electoral Roll Searches ( Federal and State)
  • Background Searches
  • Address History Searches

AAC Process Servers & Investigations can provide results for most of these searches within a 1 – 24 hour period depending on the search requested.